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Title: Aim to Sustain
Description: Students identify and explore ways in which human activity can threaten biodiversity and the health of our planet. Students are encouraged to take positive action to promote sustainability. The four resources: Get the message, Help a habitat, Alien invaders and A world of difference include videos, SMART notebooks, worksheets and links to further interactive resources. Students compose and present persuasive texts and an artwork. 'Aim to sustain' is a cross-curricular resource for years 5 to 8 learning for sustainability. It includes support notes for teachers and supervisors in distance education.
Levels: Certificate I ,Certificate II ,Stage 3 ,Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8 ,Stage 4 ,Statement of Attainment
KLA Primary: English ,Human Society and its Environment ,Science and Technology
KLA Secondary English ,Human Society and its Environment ,Science
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Version: 1
Created By: Centre for Learning Innovation
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